Jan Akkerman ex Focus playing on his Langcaster guitar.

Guitar Ace Jan Akkerman with over 70 Lp's and Cd's to his name with Focus and many solo projects, is known for his taste of exquisite guitars
Jan Akkerman favored Lancaster for his Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour together with an other guitar legend Steve Lukather (TOTO).

This video clip with Jan Akkerman is from the  show "Queen in concert" Live on TV and on DVD with kind permision from www.airforceband.com


Jan Akkerman motivated his choice for Langcaster as follows:
" For this Hendrix tour I had to play a Strat. I generally dislike Fenders but this Langcaster was something else. Good appearance with 35.000 years old Swamp Kauri wood, very appealing.
The feel of this Langcaster is good, and the hardware is of superb quality".

"Hi Joh, it is one of the most beautiful strat models I have ever played on"
Jan Akkerman.