See the Langcaster Pickups and Guitars Video selection.

Langaster v Ibanez with Duncan pickups & Fender Lace Pickups.

This video shows the overdrive activated at 55sec & sound clean as a bell.

Video clips to Youtube with guitars with Langcaster Pickups - please sent in your video to be on this page Keep rockinnn

Jan Akerman ( ex Focus) on his Langcaster

Jan Akerman ( Focus) Live on TV & DVD

Sean Clancy Playing Seagull direct in to his PC

Sean Clancy Playing Foat on a Langcaster FX

Sean Clancy playing Rocket in the show room

Langcaster Explorer with Langcaster Pickups

Arli Liberman playing E-bow on his Langcaster

Jazz like demo on a LP with Langcaster Pckups

Jim Wiehof from Dalles playing a stunning song

See the overdrive activating at 55 sec CLEAN SOUND

Fender verses Langcaster Demo

Langcaster v Fender & Ibanez A MUST SEE DEMO !

See the Making of Langcaster Guitars & Pickups

Dr Andrew Davenport Finger tapping Master player.

Andrew Davenport in Altitude the fastest player in Nzl

Radu & The Ride on Band from Romania

Herbert Felber From Austria Playing Clanpton

Langcaster Overdrive activated from Hungary

13 Year old Jan Fischer Playing Gary Moore Stunning

13 Year old Jan Fischer on Langcaster Awsome!

The best pickups ever ! here is proof

Langcaster Bass guitar & Pickups

Sean Clancy playing Rocket on a Langcaster Exprorer

Sasha playing Classic live recording